Empire Construction Projects & Testimonials

“Mr and Mrs C – first timers from Shoreham by Sea.

We were nervous when we began our search for a builder because we cannot even change a plug let alone oversee a two storey extension and a full refit. Plus with work and family commitments we would have very little time to manage this process. We were very clearly outside our comfort zone.

What we were looking for was a builder who was more than a small scale sole trader, as we were worried they might have limited resources or would go bust. We also did not want a firm that was so big that we would be unimportant (and get no customer service) or have to fork out a fortune.

We found Empire Construction and choose them because we felt they were just the right scale for us. We felt that this job was important to them but not by any means there only form of income. We felt it was a well run business and we hoped this would be reflected in their work.

We were so just relieved to find that this was all absolutely true with Empire Construction.

They gave us a quote and payment terms that we felt were fair and they stuck to the amount quoted. They gave us timescales which they stuck to. There were one or two issues with weather and roofing supplies etc but they just let us know about it and they were dealing with it – we didn’t have to problem solve ourselves or deal with third parties, which was a joy.

When you are undertaking such a massive project and spending what for us was a lot of hard earned money it is such great relief to know you have picked the right person. I simply don’t know how they could have done any better than they did and I would whole heartedly recommend them to anyone needing these services.

We are just so happy. Thank you Empire Construction. You have created a lovely home for our family and you can be very pound of creating the place where we may very well spend the rest our lives.”

Work being carried out on a home in Shoreham