Empire Archictectural Design Services

We can provide a free quotation for any size and scope of project, including those listed below.

⦿ Planning

The planning process can be a very stressful experience. At Empire Architectural Designs we provide the full hand held experience so as you can feel comfortable throughout. We will advise, update and instruct.

⦿ 3D Renders

We understand that it is very hard to visualise how you project is going to look at the stage of completion. At Empire Architectural Designs we can convert floor plans and elevations into realistic exterior 3D rendering giving you as the client a taste on how your project will look upon completion. Although these images are for demonstration purposes only, we have found that they enable you as the client to see it in your “minds’ eye”, explore and create your space and so achieving maximum satisfaction. It is also nice for you to get excited, and there is no harm in that.

Not every company can offer this service, and we would be happy to provide this for you as a separate service, if you can supply the drawings in electric form.

⦿ Permitted Development

Certain minor building works, under certain circumstances can be completed using Permitted Development. Normally this is because the effect of such developments on neighbours, the building itself or the surrounding environment is likely to be minimal. We will advise accordingly should your project fall under that criteria. We will always advise to complete a planning submission as this will cover you as the client and doesn’t following the usual planning application, meaning that nobody can raise objections with your proposal.

⦿ Building Regulations

Building regulations are required in order for your project to be carried out using methods and materials compliant with the current legislation at that particular time. We will provide a full specification in order for you to receive a detailed and comprehensive quote from any professionals you choose to appoint.